Mercury News, Letter to the Editor: Assembly race is chance to go young, progressive

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It’s undeniable that young people have a massive impact on our politics, both local and national. If you don’t believe this fact, just look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. As a progressive, she’s shifted the Overton Window back toward the left. Without her, neither the Green New Deal nor Medicare For All would be taken seriously by anyone.

And that’s why I’m puzzled as to why Mia Bonta and Malia Vella are working so hard to pin down a victory in this upcoming Assembly District 18 race. This election is a rare opportunity for a young person to follow in the footsteps of Jackie Fielder and Carroll Fife and demand progressive action from political institutions and policymakers.

So in Oakland’s upcoming election, let’s elect a young person to Assembly District 18. Janani Ramachandran, Victor Aguilar and James Aguilar are all young progressive locals, promising change.

Tikva Parapluczik

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