Over 3 Million Californians Don't Have Health Insurance.

Over 3 Million Californians Don't Have Health Insurance.

Thousands die every year because they lack comprehensive coverage.

We have waited long enough for healthcare justice. It is time for California to create our own Medicare for All healthcare system because every Californian deserves quality care. Medicare for All will save money and save lives.

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The moment to finally prioritize the health and wellbeing of all Californians is NOW

COVID-19 is the ultimate proof that our profit-driven healthcare system is unequal—and that inequality is deadly. Black and Brown Californians have died of COVID-19 at dramatically higher rates, in large part because they don’t have the same access to quality and preventative healthcare. We’ve seen as a nation that we as individuals are not all safe until everyone is safe. Join us as we work to ensure every Californian has quality healthcare.

California’s state budget is now flush with revenue from the federal stimulus and tax dollars. It is time to put this money to good use, and invest in a system that will bring long-term benefits for our public health and economy. It’s time to put that money into Medicare for All here in California.

No more waiting around for “establishment” Democratic politicians in California, who have promised Medicare for All but haven’t delivered. No more electing leaders who make false promises.

What California needs now are progressive champions who will be fearless in the fight against private insurance and their political allies. Janani Ramachandran is the fearless leader we need in the State Assembly to seize this moment – and to fight to pass Medicare for All in 2022.

With your help, we can make Medicare for All a reality.

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